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First Day as a Freshman Class Teacher

2020年09月30日 留下评论

Since I started serving as a class teacher when I was in my postgraduate study, this year is the fifth class teacher I have served. For a professional teacher with rich experience in class teacher work, I know what is the most important advice for freshmen. For this reason, on the first day of meeting with new students, I told them the most important experience in these years.

Of course, I will complete the most basic duties on class teacher in accordance with the basic work requirements of the school. But in the most critical student professional thinking and awareness education, many college educators have ignored it, which is what I think the core content to be emphasized. Because it is necessary to promptly guide new college students. On the one hand, I’d like to guide students to quickly transition from the learning state of high school to that of the university, and to actively adapt to the short-term and high-intensity curriculum arrangement of the university. On the other hand, I’d like to actively guide students to determine their university study and life goals as soon as possible, and to plan their university life well. As a class teacher, I should immediately let everyone recognize the characteristics, importance and significance of university life, so that they should first correct their ideological understanding, especially their professional knowledge.

On the first day as a freshman class teacher, my advice is to hope that every student who comes to the university to study must carefully consider a core question: “What is the purpose of your study at the university?” In order to answer this question, a clear understanding is required, which comes to the importance of professional studies. At the end of the four-year university study and life, you will face the pressure of job search or further study, which requires you to have a solid professional foundation and professionalism to be able to calmly face various challenges.

Therefore, from the first year of university, you need to have a very clear understanding of your major. What does this major do; What kind of professional work you will be engaged in after graduation; What knowledge you need to learn and which professional skills you should cultivate about this major during the four years of university, which is especially true for industrial engineering. The major itself is a typical multi-disciplinary and compound major with many professional directions. For a freshman who is about to contact and study seriously to prepare for your own future, you should clarify the professional direction and extremely important cognition on your major. Only on the basis of familiarity with the major can you further choose the main direction of attack that suits our own characteristics, instead of mass-producing “products” on assembly lines with no personality like most current university education. The diversification and individualization of the current society determine that the individual needs of future jobs will become the new normal, and people without individuality will certainly not be competitive. Establishing such advanced thinking and enhancing the awareness of crisis are also changing the traditional university education model of passive learning into a brand new self-education method that is proactive, which will definitely have a profound impact on the future personal development of students.

Curriculum Ideology “Human Factors Engineering” Case Records on Class Teaching

2020年09月25日 1条评论

After the start of the new semester, I undertook the task of teaching a course “Human Factors Engineering”. In fact, I taught it twice a few years ago, but I didn’t continue yet. This course is offered as an elective course for the students in related majors of business.

In Chapter 1 of Introduction, when introducing the development process of Human Factors Engineering in China, it was mentioned that Tsinghua University opened the course of industrial psychology in 1930. Chen Li published “Introduction to Industrial Psychology” in 1935, which was the earliest book introducing industrial psychology in China. Chen Li was the founder of Chinese industrial psychology, who was once served as the principal of my alma mater, the originator of the Department of Psychology, and an old gentleman we respect very much. He had been engaged in industrial psychology since the Republic of China. Researching and carrying out investigations and studies in various factories showed his patriotism and professionalism. Under the active promotion of the older generation of industrial psychology researchers, Human Factors Engineering discipline in China had been developed rapidly. In 1989, the Chinese Ergonomics Society was established, and in 1991 it became a full member of the International Ergonomics Association. In Chapter 3 of Working Environment and Color, when introducing the basic heat balance equation of the human body, it explains the importance of the micro-climate cooling system to workers in high temperature and high humidity environment. They need such a system in the enclosed protective clothing. Its main function is to absorb the thermal load of the human body, to maintain a constant body core temperature, to reduce thermal damage, to improve human working efficiency in high-heat environment, and to extend working hours, such as a space suit specially designed for astronauts. However, in the battle against COVID-19 this year, the majority of front-line medical staff wore enclosed protective clothing for a long time in the same high temperature and humidity environment, but there was no ventilation and cooling system to improve the microclimate environment in their clothes. They had no complaints and had no hesitation, which showed their patriotism and professionalism.

Chasing Drama: The Melodrama “Lo And Behold”

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When I was young, I watched many Hong Kong dramas released in the 1980s, many of which were ancient martial arts TV dramas. Compared with other Mandarin TV dramas, Hong Kong dramas have rich experience in filming techniques, plot design, and acting skills, especially the works made by TVB station, whose standard is very high. “Lo And Behold” is one of these masterpieces. It is one of the urban melodrama “Love Home” series. Since its launch in February 2017, it has now broadcast more than 1,000 episodes. Each episode is composed of a relatively independent story, but it is coherent as a whole. It continues to move forward as the entire plot changes.

In general, each story is well-designed and quite interesting. The contradictions between people are tuned in through understanding and are full of fun. When you watch this kind of melodrama, you really feel happy. So I have been chasing dramas until now. At first I didn’t think it looked good, but I got better later.

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A Simple Way to Download Courseware on Superstar Network Platform

2020年09月13日 留下评论

After the start of the new semester, a new elective course needs to establish a Superstar network course, on which courseware in chapters will be uploaded. Because of time constraints, I want to directly refer to the courseware of other quality courses on Superstar platform. How can I download the course resources on Superstar platform simply and quickly? It can be done by referring to the simple method introduced in the article “简单下载超星学习通课程内的课件“.


1. Use the Chrome browser to open the page where you want to download the courseware.


2. Press “F12” to call up developer tools.


3. Press Ctrl+F to search for objectid on the Elements page, and then view the search results in turn.

Note: Multiple results may be searched. Please carefully check the resource type on the page displayed in the searched piece of code, whether it is a video resource (such as type: avi) or a courseware resource (such as type: pdf).


注意:可能会搜索到多个结果,请仔细查看搜索到的一段代码中显示的该页面中的资源类型,是视频资源(如type: avi)还是课件资源(如type: pdf)。

4. Copy the content behind the id.

The objectid of the PPT courseware in the figure below is “2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d”.



5. Open “http://d0.ananas.chaoxing.com/download/your copied content”, for example, the id of the PPT courseware in the figure above is 2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d, then open directly in the browser “http:// d0.ananas.chaoxing.com/download/2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d”. You can view it after downloading.


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