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Future Demand for Emerging Jobs: Human Factors and Ergonomics in Product Design

2020年10月17日 留下评论

It is the sixth time for me to teach an elective course related with methods and techniques on Human Factors and Ergonomics in product design this term. It will help the students open up a new professional job search field in the direction of human factors engineering. More and more graduate students of this major are going to manufacturing enterprises for consumer products esp. electronic and information products. Now this new course will enhance them another opportunity to expand their career choice for ergonomic design in this field. Because there are few special stuff performing in this job while it is really recommended during the whole process.

The employment prospects of Ergonomics are getting better every year. Few people understood this major in the first few years, so there was little relevance between the working field and this major after graduation. But in recent years, as the basic life has been met, people’s needs for beauty, comfort and convenience have increased, which makes larger companies realize its importance. For example, Shanghai Commercial Aircraft Corporation had a few positions in the school recruitment last year. The professional requirement was clearly written as Ergonomics. The automotive industry has also begun to recruit graduates from such majors. In addition, many Internet companies have begun to attach importance to human-machine interface design. Therefore, the employment prospects in the next few years must be very clear.

In order to gain the demand and request for such positions after graduation, under graduate students should pay attention to interdisciplinary integration and strengthen the recognition of the basic theories and methods of human factors engineering discipline in the field of product design. They are required to understand the importance of Ergonomics in product design, establish a user-oriented product design concept, and be familiar with the most commonly used research methods and techniques, which can lay a good professional foundation for future engagement in design-related work. Such methods and techniques are as follows: user-centered product design methods and the application of information technology in product design, especially conceptual design and product usability evaluation technologies and methods, as well as user demand analysis methods and user interaction design models.

After four years’ study in this major, they can analyze and solve problems from the perspective of systems engineering and achieve the ability to design safe, reliable, and useable products. The training of a variety of professional skills in four years will meet the needs of the market and enterprises for product interaction designers.

First Day as a Freshman Class Teacher

2020年09月30日 留下评论

Since I started serving as a class teacher when I was in my postgraduate study, this year is the fifth class teacher I have served. For a professional teacher with rich experience in class teacher work, I know what is the most important advice for freshmen. For this reason, on the first day of meeting with new students, I told them the most important experience in these years.

Of course, I will complete the most basic duties on class teacher in accordance with the basic work requirements of the school. But in the most critical student professional thinking and awareness education, many college educators have ignored it, which is what I think the core content to be emphasized. Because it is necessary to promptly guide new college students. On the one hand, I’d like to guide students to quickly transition from the learning state of high school to that of the university, and to actively adapt to the short-term and high-intensity curriculum arrangement of the university. On the other hand, I’d like to actively guide students to determine their university study and life goals as soon as possible, and to plan their university life well. As a class teacher, I should immediately let everyone recognize the characteristics, importance and significance of university life, so that they should first correct their ideological understanding, especially their professional knowledge.

On the first day as a freshman class teacher, my advice is to hope that every student who comes to the university to study must carefully consider a core question: “What is the purpose of your study at the university?” In order to answer this question, a clear understanding is required, which comes to the importance of professional studies. At the end of the four-year university study and life, you will face the pressure of job search or further study, which requires you to have a solid professional foundation and professionalism to be able to calmly face various challenges.

Therefore, from the first year of university, you need to have a very clear understanding of your major. What does this major do; What kind of professional work you will be engaged in after graduation; What knowledge you need to learn and which professional skills you should cultivate about this major during the four years of university, which is especially true for industrial engineering. The major itself is a typical multi-disciplinary and compound major with many professional directions. For a freshman who is about to contact and study seriously to prepare for your own future, you should clarify the professional direction and extremely important cognition on your major. Only on the basis of familiarity with the major can you further choose the main direction of attack that suits our own characteristics, instead of mass-producing “products” on assembly lines with no personality like most current university education. The diversification and individualization of the current society determine that the individual needs of future jobs will become the new normal, and people without individuality will certainly not be competitive. Establishing such advanced thinking and enhancing the awareness of crisis are also changing the traditional university education model of passive learning into a brand new self-education method that is proactive, which will definitely have a profound impact on the future personal development of students.

Ten Effective Job Search Strategies

2010年10月26日 留下评论


Searching for a new job is hard work. In fact, it can be the toughest “job” you’ll ever have. The key to job search success is to treat the entire process like a business. You are currently in the “job hunting” business. To stand head and shoulders above the rest of the job-seeking crowd, it’s important to lay out an effective strategy. By defining what you want and need, you’re on your way to getting it.


Jump-start your next job search with these helpful job-hunting strategies:


1. Know yourself. Begin your job search by taking a thorough inventory of your interests, skills, accomplishments, experience, goals, and values. Make a detailed list. The key to a successful job search is to recognize what makes you a unique candidate and to communicate this effectively to a prospective employer, both verbally and in writing.


2. Aim for the right target. Try to match your skills, interests, and values with the right career choice. If one of your goals is to get a larger salary, don’t focus on career paths that traditionally pay low salaries. Conduct research on various fields and local companies within those fields. Learn about different businesses that interest you and target those that are more likely to have open positions.


3. Be assertive and proactive. Don’t wait around for opportunity to come knocking on your door. While cold calling potential employers can be intimidating, it remains a powerful strategy. It’s important to get through the door before your competition.


4. Do some sleuthing. One key to breaking in is understanding the “hidden” job market. Many job openings exist only in the minds of directors, vice presidents, and other company bigwigs, long before the job is finally advertised in newspapers or on the Internet. If you can present yourself as the perfect candidate at this early stage, an employer may snap you up without looking elsewhere.


5. Work the network. Networking should be at the center of your job search strategy. Get the word out to friends, trusted colleagues, and even relatives that you are actively looking for a job, and ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for any opportunities. Expand your network and join professional organizations, sign up for job search newsletters and e-mail blasts, contact former professors and classmates, and participate in Internet discussion boards.


6. Get professional help. Employment agencies come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges; they can be an excellent resource for job leads. Some specialize in very specific occupational areas, and many often have exclusive arrangements with large companies. If you’re interested in the services of an agency, investigate it carefully. Determine what the agency will do for you and how much it will cost.


7. Be temporarily flexible. Temp jobs are a great way to learn skills and knowledge, gain experience, and earn money while looking for a permanent position. They are also a way to prove your worth and be first in line when a full-time position opens up. Working as a consultant or independent contractor in a company can also eventually lead to steady, full-time employment.


8. Say it clearly. When sending out résumés, catch the prospective employer’s attention with a brief and concise cover letter that clearly spells out how your qualifications match the job requirements with self-confidence. Connect the dots for the reader, and make it obvious why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.


9. Keep careful records. Keeping track of the progress of your job search is important. Maintain a detailed record of all the jobs you have applied to, including communications, interviews, referrals, and follow-up actions. This will help you build a network of valuable contacts both for your current job search and for any future ones.


10. Be persistent. Job searching is hard work and there are times when you will be discouraged. Just keep in mind that everyone has been through the same grind at one point. Try to keep a positive attitude, and look at your job hunt as an exciting challenge. Your perfect job is out there somewhere.


Good luck!

(The English content of this entry comes from the news “Ten Effective Job Search Strategies” at the page of http://www.allbusiness.com/human-resources/careers-job-hunting/1594-1.html, thanks to the author.)

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How To Make Yourself Become The Focus Of The Public Views

2010年10月25日 留下评论

Do you dream of being concerned as super stars some day? Today I’d like to teach you how to attract the attention of others and become the focus of the public views.


You should need:

Leading Ability 领导能力

Self-confidence 自信

Detail 细节

Skills and knowledge 才能和学识

Step 1. Wear some clothes that can attract the eyes. For example, a T-shirt with a eccentric logo, brilliant shoes, black ink glasses. All these can make you be identified from the crowd.

Step 1穿着一些能够吸引人眼球的服饰。例如一件有奇怪logo的T恤、鲜艳的鞋子、黝黑的墨镜,这能让人很快从人群中认出你。

Step 2. Show your self-confidence. Additional more gestures or body languages not only make you express yourself easily and conveniently, but make you more self-confident than others and easy to be concerned.

Step 2表现自信。添加一些手势或肢体语言不仅能让你更方便地表述清自己的意思,也会让你显得比别人更自信更容易受关注。

Step 3. Be leaders instead of followers. Do what you what to do not follow others. This can naturally make you easily distinguished from others.

Step 3、要做领袖而不是跟班。做你自己想做的事,而不是随大流,这能很自然地把你和其他人区分开来。

Step 4. Show out your skills and knowledge. You’d better show your skills and knowledge at the party or attending activities, make them have a completely new appraisal of yourself.

Tip Attention: if you lack such abilities, then you can prefer having a lecture in public.

Step 4展示你的才能和学识。在聚会或者活动时不吝展示自己的才能或学识,让他们都对你刮目相看吧。


Step 5. Communicate with eyes. When you are talking, you’d better try to communicate with others by eyes view which can ensure whether others are listening to you. If you present to be interested in the topic, others might also like to listen to you.

Tip Attention: a loud voice can speak for your talking.

Step 5、眼神交流。在你说话的时候,要试着和别人有眼神上的交流,这样才能确定别人是否在注意听你讲的话。如果你表现出很感兴趣的样子,那么别人也会愿意倾听你所谈论的话题。

Tip 提示:洪亮的声音能给你们的谈话加分不少。

Step 6. Be humorous. Person who understands humor would be anywhere welcome.

Step 6幽默。懂得幽默的人走到哪里都会受欢迎。

Do you know that? Red is the most attractive color because it can make blood pressure elevate and heart beating faster.


(The Chinese content of this entry comes from the blog “如何让你成为焦点” at the page of http://www.jifenzhong.com/video/3082-How-To-Be-the-Focus-Of-Public, thanks to the author and there is also a video there.)

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Something Happened Recently Which Should Be Recorded

2009年09月16日 留下评论

Although I came back school in late October and stayed here for several days, actually I did not do anything well. I opened MSN or/and QQ these days when I started my laptop. On MSN, there are many people on it, many of whom I have never talked with. I made a further conversation with some of them, most of whom I had talked with before. Because I have some ideas with my future professional career or even the rest process of the life and always think about this problem recently. I should say something about my ideas to others to share with and hope they can give me any suggestions I might not consider with. Making a venture is a large and systematic project just like the process of managing the whole life of one person. Of course, I might not think of this now and seeking the future job for me is not a difficult task so as to think of it so early. But the key problems are, I think, how do you manage your life, what is your imagination of dream and the objectives you are now walking on this way.

Fortunately, most of the friends on my MSN and QQ and most of my classmates I still keep in contact all agree with my ideas or, I’d like to say, innovations. I am very glad to get such a reply which confirms my confidence and makes me see the bright future. While when really managing and going to this way, I clearly know there might be many difficulties and risks and you should spend much time and energy and even exhaust your thinking or mind. Few of my classmates walk on this way and they will still go further. Of course, I don’t want to do just as the same method they did, for there are many various methods and ways to succeed. What I want to say most is that one person should have an objective in his/her life. The objective is not always the same. It should vary with the different stages along one’s life.


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